Jay Auto Sales. (520) 748-7628
Jay Auto Sales. (520) 748-7628

Jay Auto Sales

Tucson used cars and used trucks at Jay Auto Sales brings an array of diverse vehicles to the area. If you are in the market for a dependable car and near Tucson used trucks and used cars of quality are at Jay Auto Sales, we offer a selection of high quality, reliable, pre-owned vehicles. Jay Auto Sales is not your everyday Tucson used car and used truck dealership, and here’s why we are unique:

-3 months warranty -- If your Tucson used car or used truck needs repair after you have purchased it from Jay Auto Sales.

-50% off tires -- If your Tucson used car or used truck needs new tires, we will replace the tires for 50% off when you purchase the vehicle.

-Complete inspection -- Before we offer a used car or used truck for sale, we will give it a thorough inspection with our mechanic to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently

-Honesty -- We are honest, fair, and our number one goal is to have happy customers that will return to us again and again.

-Multilingual communication -- We are fluent in English, and Spanish. We understand the comfort level of buying a Tucson used car or used truck from someone who speaks your language.

We will locate a car for you -- If you have a specific car in mind and we do nott have it in stock, we will find it for you at a great deal.

Special deals -- Sometimes we have Tucson used cars and used trucks offered at such a cheap price (below Kelley Blue Book value), you simply cannot resist the urge to buy a new used vehicle!

The next time you are in Tucson, looking for used cars and trucks, stop by Jay Auto Sales. We look forward to connecting you with your choice of Tucson used cars and used trucks. Come on by for a test drive! We have two convenient Tucson locations to serve you:

Jay Auto Sales

4550 E. Speedway Blvd.

Tucson, AZ 85712 Phone: (520) 881-5400


Jay Auto Sales

7295 E. 22nd Street

Tucson, AZ 85710 Phone: (520) 748-7628


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Company Info

Arash,Robert OR Jay
(520) 748-7628

Jay Auto Sales
7295 E. 22nd ST
Tucson, AZ 85710
Email: jayauto1@yahoo.com
Phone: (520) 881-5400

Hours of Operation

8 am - 6:00 PM Monday
8 am - 6:00 PM Tuesday
8 am - 6:00 PM Wednesday
8 am - 6:00 PM Thursday
8 am - 6:00 PM Friday
9 am - 6:00 PM Saturday
22nd street closed Speedway and Swan open 12pm-4pm Sunday